Day Of Surgery

Before perform the surgical procedure we recommend following these steps:

  • At the surgery day the patient will be greeted by the advisor who will guide the patient to the admissions module, where we will request the information required by the system for the opening of the medical history; the patient must present the ID or the passport.
  • Tell the doctor beforehand, if you  take medications, especially for blood thinners like aspirin, pressure medications, diabetes, heart, epilepsy or depression, and follow the surgeon and anesthesiologist recommendations.
  • Take the premeditation suggested by the Anesthesiologist.
  • Do not eat or drink anything after midnight before the procedure, this includes water and hard candy or chewing gum. It is essential that the patient remember the previous fast, at least 6 hours and we recommend that the last meal before fasting be light and does not include milk or its derivatives.
  • Remember to have lab tests in order, photos.
  • Remember to read, understand, approve, and sign authorizations (informed consent) for Anesthesia and Surgical Procedure.
  • Wear loose comfortable clothing, the patient won’t need personal items, such as nightwear or toiletries. Remember to purchase sashes, bra and other necessary post-surgical implements in advance.
  • The watch, jewelry, hair extensions and piercings should be removed at home.
  • Do not wear makeup or nail polish.
  • Leave the contact lenses at home.
  • You can wear glasses, hearing aids and dentures, but the patient will  need to remove them before the procedure.
  • The patient should leave money and valuables at home or where patient is staying, except  all necessary  things to enroll and pay for clinical services costs.
  • If the patient experience a cold, fever or other illness before the procedure should contact the doctor as soon as possible.
  • The patient must specify with the surgeon the value of the procedure and the different forms of payment. The value to be canceled corresponds to the surgical room rights, anesthesia fees, medications and materials used in the procedure. In case of extra consumption not specified in the surgical package, it will be charged as surplus.
  • The patient must show up one hour before the surgery at the front desk.
  • Communicate through the regular protocol the complaints and suggestions

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