When we talk about tourism in Colombia, the beautiful city of Barranquilla cannot be missing. The capital of joy has endless tourist sites where you can spend a vacation full of unforgettable moments with family and friends.

Its beaches and boardwalks are refreshed by the immensity of the trees that surround it, but this part of the Colombian coast does not only offer this. Here you will find places that take you into the culture and history of the people of Barranquilla through its parks, museums and architectural monuments.

Also, together with the tourist destinations of Barranquilla you will enjoy events that will fill your spirit with joy and spread the flavor of the Barranquilla, such as its famous carnival, named oral and intangible heritage of humanity of Colombia by UNESCO, and it is that those who they attend take the music and the dance inside their body.

Barranquilla is joy, fun, flavor, but above all it is the Caribbean, where those who come only seek to enjoy more of the tourism in all its corners.


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