Abdominoplasty with Corse 3D Siluet and Inside Navel Techniques




Mejora el aspecto de la zona abdominal tras el embarazo o la pérdida significativa de peso.

Abdominoplasty, also called abdominal surgery or dermolipectomy, surgically removes excess skin and fatty tissue from the abdominal area, usually between the navel and the lower abdominal fold (sometimes from a horizontal cesarean scar).

Depending on the needs of each specific patient, the muscles of the abdominal wall can be sutured and tightened, the incision is shaped like a “half moon” (its length will depend on the excess skin and fat that must be removed).

The 3D Corse Siluet Technique differs from conventional abdominoplasties in the way the muscles are positioned, since with its muscular anchoring technique they give the shape of a corset which gives the effect of the perfect silhouette. This procedure mixes the technique already patented by the institution of inverted stitches where the entire suture is absorbable and internal, improving the patient’s healing and the Inside Technique for the navel where the result is natural without external scars.

It lasts approximately two to four hours.

General anesthesia may be used.

  • The temporary discomfort Pain in the back side of the back postoperative swelling Pain or tenderness in the surrounding areas Numbness or hyposensitivity of the abdominal skin, as well as the possible presence of bruises.

The infection.

Bleeding at the incision or under the skin flap.

Pulmonary embolism (due to a blood clot that reaches the lungs).

Pathological scarring (keloids) The delay in healing and even the widening of the scar.

Likewise, a potential risk may be the need for secondary revision surgery.

The patient will be able to return to work in a period of two weeks. After timely re-evaluation by the doctor, the patient will be able to resume their most strenuous activity in approximately four to six weeks.

The scars will fade in color and consistency from the third month, until a year after the intervention.

The patient is required to wear a post-operative compression garment for four weeks.

The results will be visible for a few years, unless the patient gains weight, or if she is a woman, she becomes pregnant.

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