Santa Marta is pure flavor. It is a city where diversity is fully present in its landscape, in its people and in every cultural aspect that makes it up; it is a destination that welcomes all its visitors and makes them feel at home.

What makes it unique? Its main characteristic is its territory: unforgettable landscapes in where the green of its vegetation, its mountains, the blue of its seas, the yellow of the sun and the contrast of the beaches with the white of the Sierra Nevada, make this paradise a forced destination.

It is a captivating city. There are activities for all tastes, from getting lost in the waves of a beach that meets the jungle, to observing the colorful birds that seem to want to say something with their songs. You cannot leave out of your list the historical tour of the city and the visit to the heart of the Tayrona culture and its colonial treasures.

In addition, there is the charm of its people who, with that spark so characteristic of the Caribbean, make Santa Marta an experience that is hard to forget.


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