Dr. Natalia Elejalde

Doctor Natalia Elejade is a specialist who has multiple specializations and masters at an international level, with the support of a work team made up of two nursing assistants specialized in aesthetics.


There are Procedures such as Crystal Ice Lipo, 5DD Rejuvenation and facial aesthetic restructuring, they also have various alternative medicine protocols available to the client which allow the patient to be approached from within in order to perfect the results of their treatments.

They have the best services of aesthetic medicine, alternative medicine, functional medicine and anti-aging medicine with age management in eastern Antioquia. Their medical supplies and equipment are endorsed by the INVIMA, and have scientific support that guarantees quality, safety and the best results.

Noted for their good attention due to the exclusivity in their protocols and services, always of the best quality with high scientific support, continuous medical support from their supplier companies and continuous patient advice. They have all highly qualified staff.





+57 318 8088170


Carrera 46 #7-9
Patio Bonito – El Poblado
Medellín, Colombia

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